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Sticking to a Canadian Pharmacy – Why This Can Be the Best Option for You

Many people don’t like the idea of using a Canadian pharmacy. However many people stick to it because of certain benefits that Canadian pharmacy can offer to them. One of them is that many patients require expensive medications and cannot afford them so that is the reason why Canadian pharmacy can be an option. If you compare different developed countries on a subject of prices for prescribed drugs you will notice that all of them do care about the prices that they put on medications and there are certain limits on how much drugs can cost. Below there are some reasons for doing so:

  • Some people simply cannot afford some medications although they really need them. Some patients require medications on a daily basis to keep functioning and living. Therefore companies have to be aware of this and do not aim only their profits but think about other people who are in the worse condition than they are.
  • Doctors are usually told to prescribe high end drugs that are typically the most expensive. But in most cases there are cheaper alternatives available in the pharmacies or sometimes a patient doesn’t require the medication at all.
  • It helps to prevent over-advertising of a drug. Many people get very influenced by the different sorts of advertisements they see and this might force them to investigate more about a drug. They might buy the medication and become dependent on it not having considered other options. Advertising can be very powerful.

Thus, if the companies could put whatever prices they want on medications, it would be very hard for those patients who are not financially well off. Of course, there are other options available that are cheaper, but for some patients they still can be expensive. Using a Canadian pharmacy can be a very good option as it keeps prices low for drugs you might require.

Lower Prices

A Canadian pharmacy has prices much lower than America does. In fact, every pharmacy in US has more expensive prices than a Canadian pharmacy. That is the reason why pharmaceutical companies do not agree with the idea of American pharmacies following the same path as it would largely affect their profits. In order to remain competitive on the market they would be obliged to lower their prices. But, nevertheless, they do something different which is agitating people not to use a Canadian pharmacy, but many people actually understand now how the things are in reality.

Choosing The Right Pharmacy

Americans are trying to get as much profit as possible. Right now they are turning to Canadian pharmacies more frequently than ever. According to some research made by Wall Street Journal about 80% of Americans like the idea of receiving lower priced prescription drugs from Canada. Moreover, one in ten people asked was already a client of a Canadian pharmacy.


In such a manner, you might have been troubled yourself about which path to follow. You probably might think that it is something illegal or maybe you are still not sure if there is such a big difference in prices. In this case, you can do some comparison and see where the prices are better. Search for some authorized Canadian pharmacies and the prices for brand medications you need there. Next, compare their prices with the prices of the same medications in the US. After that you will decide for yourself what is better for you.


Or, other thing you could do is finding online communities where you see all the information you need. If doing so, you won’t need to make a research yourself. In the online communities you can get in touch with real clients of a Canadian pharmacy and ask questions about the price and anything else you might need.

Are Canadian pharmacies the best choice?

Actually, realizing how much medication in the US can cost and that there might be no limits in how much they can charge you, can become a real problem for those patients who have no choice and have to buy the prescribed drugs anyway.   What if you ever will be in such situation when you desperately need a medication and don’t have money to buy it?   Insurance companies cannot be trusted completely because they not always pay for all the medications and most of the times it is easier them to supply their clients with some general medicine.

There are certain risks of using a Canadian pharmacy, but only if you become a victim of fraud. In all other aspects the quality of brand medications is exactly the same as the quality of those you would buy in the US. If using a Canadian pharmacy you will merely save a lot of money.

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