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Why does an erection problem arise?

Most of the men have trouble in achieving erection at some point of time in their lives. It is common for a man to get erection. However, this article will provide you some information on these erection problems as well as some of the causes of the erections.

Below listed are some of the common causes of an erection problem:

Circulation problems:

In order to achieve an erection, it is essential that the blood flow to penis and should stay there. The blockage of blood vessels in the penis is a common cause of erectile dysfunction. Heavy smokers are at special risk from impotence and poor circulation problems. A new research done on this topic suggests that up to eleven percent of the long distance cyclists face erectile dysfunction.


Many diabetes patients are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Diabetes can affect blood vessels and the nerves in various parts of the body and is one of the leading causes of impotence. It affects the blood supply to the penis and the autonomic control to maintain an erection.

Excessive alcohol consumption:

Excessive consumption of alcohol causes one of every six cases of erectile dysfunction. Alcohol is a depressant drug and although it decreases sexual inhibitions, it also reduces sexual arousal.

Drugs & Medications:

Certain drugs and medications can cause erection problem as a side effect. These include medications to treat depression, high blood pressure or some sore healing anticonvulsants and drugs. The drugs, which contain the female hormone testosterone or estrogen, can also result in impotence. Illegal drugs such as cocaine can also interfere with mans ability to maintain an erection.

Conditions related to the penis:

A number of conditions affecting the tissues of the penis, if untreated, have a direct impact on the ability of an individual to maintain an erection. Some of these problems include bent penis (Peyronies disease), inflammation of the head or glands of the penis (balanitis). Priapism is also an erection problem, which can last for hours and becomes very painful if it is not treated. Infections, including sexually transmitted diseases will also lead to inability.

Neurological conditions:

Any spinal injury, tumors or multiple sclerosis will directly affect the innervations of the penis, which causes the erection problems.

Severe disease:

A number of serious diseases like kidney or liver disease, heart failure, heart attack, chest problems, surgery or injury can also cause erection problem. Some individuals may be so weaken by illnesses that simply lack the strength for intercourse. There are also many other conditions, which can create erection problems. If you are interested to know more about these health conditions, there are lots of websites to help you.

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