Does gardening really boost your sex drive?

The young see but do not understand the world of adults. Those older folk do weird stuff for no apparent reason. It’s probably all a sign their brains are dying and they will soon be taken off to the happy farm, ha-haa! (as Napoleon IV would have said). But where the chance arises, they are forever digging over flower beds or digging beds for vegetables in the yard. This could, of course, all be driven by the obsessional need for organic produce. In fact, when you see the prices of anything labeled organic, you can understand why poor old people would want to save money by growing their own. And, when you taste their home-grown apples or pumpkin in a pie, you have to admit that the taste can be better than the ready-to-eat specials out of the freezer section in the supermarket. But, as you grow older yourself, you come to realize there is more to gardening than meets the eye. Although the fresh produce is a benefit, the main dish is the physical exercise.

Now, you are all sitting there nodding your heads in time to the usual justification for exercise. One of the reasons why men start to find sex difficult is they put on too much weight. Excess weight leads to cardiovascular problems and type 2 diabetes. In time, both of these diseases are causes of impotence. Except this is thinking a little too indirectly. Let us take one step back. The most common reason for erectile dysfunction is age. The older men get, the more likely it is that their sex drive will diminish and their ability to get and maintain an erection will be lost. So men need to do things that will help them to stay more active in the bedroom. This means maintaining good circulation of the blood, good muscle tone and good stamina. All three are the natural product of an all-body exercise regime. So, all you have to do is find something you enjoy to help with the motivation side.

There is a new report out of the Medical University of Vienna. They recruited 700 men aged between 45 and 60 years and started them gardening. The results show that all activity boosts the sex drive and reduces the need for viagra. That means an average of 30 minutes a day, five days a week with a spade, fork or tool requiring the user to burn energy. This is more than gentle wandering round a flower garden plucking the occasional exotic bloom. People have to bend, twist, dig, fetch and do all the things representing an all-body workout. Statistically, men who burned 1,000 calories a week were almost 40% less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Burning 4,000 calories a week reduced the risk by a further 12%. Men who stay inactive can always buy viagra. This is the guaranteed way to stay sexually active. You may not get to eat fresh produce unless your neighbor helps you out, but at least your partner will be happy with the results.


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