How Do You Treat Impotence?

Impotence is a common problem among men. Depending on what causes this disorder, there are certain treatments available. Discover possible options to find one most suitable for you.

Many men experience some degree of sexual dysfunction at some point of their lives, especially as they age. In fact, impotence would affect one in every ten men. Fortunately, you can treat this disorder, and there are many effective impotence treatment options available in the market, including medications, therapies and surgeries.

Based on statistical information, up to 90% of erectile dysfunction issues occur because of psychological problems, starting from relationship difficulties to more complex psychological complications.

Therefore, a psychosexual therapy conducted by an experienced therapist might be a very effective treatment option.

Another option is to use a vacuum pump. It is a plastic, cylindrical device, which you have to place over the penis to help it become erect and maintain an erection. It works by creating pressure that forces blood into the penis, and then, when a ring is applied to the base of the penis, the blood is prevented from draining away.

You can also treat impotence with medications. There are a number of drugs designed specifically for erectile dysfunction.

The most commonly known of those medications is Viagra. It is also one of the most effective medicines, whose effect lasts for three or four hours. Other medicines include transurethral therapy (it is put directly into the urethra, and provides an erection with 5-10 minutes), Cialis (it must be taken 30 minutes before sexual activity), Levitra (10 minutes to one hour before sexual activity), and Uprima (it will not work without sexual stimulation).

Hormone treatments can also be effective. Although impotence is rarely caused by hormonal problems, hormone replacement therapy might work in some cases. However, it is important to undergo tests to confirm a deficiency of testosterone before such a therapy.

One of the alternative treatments is penile prosthesis (or implant). However, this option must be only considered, if nothing else works. There are two types of it: the semi-rigid penis implant (which keeps the penis erect all the time) and the hydraulic penis implant (which is implanted into the scrotum).

Finally, erectile dysfunction may be treated surgically, in case you have abnormalities in the blood flow in and out of your penis.

However, you will have to consult a specialist anyway, if you have problems with your potency.

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